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Don’t give up on palmistry - that’s one of the main value adds with the DA subscription! | FM, London
DrugAnalyst – the "go to" database | FM, Zurich
T&Ds – Truth & Dirt: What’s really driving the returns… | FM, London
It’s the DA-Net, Dummy | FM, London
Peter and team are the only group of analysts who consistently compliment my investment process. I couldn’t do my job without their help. | FM, San Fran
The choice between DRC 1990 or the Leroy Richebourg is a tough one. But so is Roche-Novartis…! Do I want the Coche Dury Meursaut Perrieres or should it be the Lafon? Surely no harder a call right now than Pfizer – Bristol? Is there anyone else out there that can help me? | XX, Boston 
I didn’t think it was possible, but since DrugAnalyst stopped reporting mere consensus and now delivers its own proprietorial forecasts, the breadth has deepened, quality has increased, and accuracy has heightened. Now I can track expectations properly. Post MiFID this is going to change my life. | CB, London 
I want to keep track of forecasts post MiFID, but the European sell-side firms refuse to sell me just the Pharma sector, and paying >$100,000 for what is no more than a published research feed makes no sense. With DA I feel that I’m on the button, I can see how numbers change and evolve. I get what I pay for. Thank you. | BDI, Boston
You remove noise, and bring clarity and conclusion. This is THE role model for independent research. | JP, Edinburgh
...just now I got the email: "In order to pay for the Research Provider "Drug Analyst" ". I will be again telling them that some days you are the only source I read. | LB, Analyst Zurich 
As my boss once said to me 'If we pay for a Ferrari - we shouldn't be surprised that it delivers performance in the style that we're accustomed...' WELL DONE | MB, FM LONDON 
Congrats on this call. When we first started subscribing to your service it was the one call I was most fascinated by due to its extreme contrarian nature and, to me as non-specialist, entirely logical reasoning. Am very happy it is playing out as you foresaw. | CJ, Zurich 
Thanks for checking in. I’m getting your stuff and all is good. I love your brutal honesty and think your analysis is rock solid. Keep’em coming.   | BT, FM NYC
Consensus is more beautiful than any number on its own. | KN, Fund Manager
'LMAO (that’s young person’s speak for "laugh my arse off"). You are not only really smart, but really funny too… just makes it all the better!!!' | AK, EVP Sector Stock
You are a legend - called Roche dead right! And I have big hopes for Sanofi & Glaxo post Zantac! | RT Private Banker
I love your work and can't live without it. | BP Fund Manager BOSTON
I know a thing or two about valuation. Like many, I too can wield such weapons as the sword of P/E and the sabre of P/S... Then DRUGANALYST showed me the laser-sighted, automatic rifle that they call DA-NET. Wow! The subscription fee is a small price for having DA on my side! Life’s never boring with these guys, I even logged into the database when on holiday to get my daily fix… ! | CH London
"I have been reading your research book religiously almost every day for some time now. I think it is SUPERB! The quality of analysis and entertaining style are just so different from what I've become used to from the big banks". | MD, US bulge bracket investment bank.
I love what you write. Luckily, I'm not easily offended, and that we also speak a version of an Anglo-Saxon language on this side of the Atlantic. I don't always agree with you but your views are well-reasoned and always entertaining. | CEO biotech
I am working as Specialist sales and have recently switched from MedTech to Pharma, so have to admit I have been using the sight (sic) to sense check things as and when I read them. At the moment I am still getting up to speed on the sector, as and when I do start to send out dailies and the like I am more than happy to cite DA as a source. | JD, London Sell sider
"I just wish you'd call me more. The idea of having to read the research is deeply irritating". | JM long only LONDON
I don’t rate you as a share tipping service, for that I’ll pay the guy who met the CEO last week and wants to tell me what he said, but for hard-arsed analysis, for sticking with your convictions, and for threatening to cut me off if I didn’t stop complaining… you are the very model of a modern equity analyst. | CTM Long/Short US hedge fund
So you don’t do corporate access, and you don’t talk to company IR. You don’t send your comments to companies for edit or checking. You don’t mince your words, don’t care whose feathers you ruffle, and don’t mind what bubbles you prick. You don’t fit the box occupied by the rest of the sell-side and that’s for sure. There again I havent exactly been impressed by the contents of the sell-side box and even if I disagree with you on your conclusions I wouldn’t want to own a stock position without knowing what you were saying. Value indeed. | TP Hedge Fund LONDON
Very impressive terms and conditions- verily you are the John Lewis of the analyst community! No term membership, cancel anytime and moneyback if not entirely happy! Who else in this business is offering that? Well done. Easy to get out but hard to get in – I guess that’s the DRUGANALYST way. | SB Hedge Fund LONDON
I wouldn’t like to be married to a DrugAnalyst. The sex may be good but the post-coital discussion about why it was good, and the subsequent analysis showing that it probably wouldn’t be as good next time would undoubtedly ruin my performance. | WB Long Only LONDON
I had another sell-side Pharma analyst sitting in front of me last week telling me that DrugAnalyst don’t do this and they don’t do that… Well they are reporting back from all the big scientific meetings, they are always the first to write up results on every stock they cover, and they are the only ones that I know do not talk their own book. Whatever else it is that they don’t do I’m not sure I need it. They’ve certainly got their competition rattled, they must be doing something! | RS Hedge Fund STOCKHOLM
You kinda get used to having all the information flows laid out in front of you in DrugAnalyst style. I wouldn’t like it any other way. It’s also good to know that you are getting information flows that are not available to everyone else. Having only 30 clients means DA provides a viewpoint that non-subscribers never see. When I changed jobs last year I was pleased that the seat came with me. | PB Fund Manager NEW YORK
DrugAnalyst research is a great value-add for any fund manager or analyst looking to gain insight into the Global drug sector. We get detailed analysis of consensus at the drug level, by itself very useful, but we also get an unbiased expert opinion on delivery of those numbers as well. They are prepared to boldly go where others dare not tread. We like the approach, always from the fund managers’ viewpoint, as they constantly try to generate alpha-making ideas. They only ever have Buy or Sell calls – no sitting on the fence allowed. They also track their own alpha generating record, which is very refreshing. Independent research well worth subscribing to. | ZO Head of Research UK
Toujours argumentes et pertinents, souvent méchants et parfois de mauvaise foi, les commentaires de Peter sont abhorres des pisse-froids et pousse-mégots. Tant pis pour eux! | LM Fund Manager FRANCE
The industry’s encylopedia of drug forecasts accompanied by a balanced and often brutal assessment of the credibility of said forecasts | FM Team boss SCOTLAND
DrugAnalyst offers a completely differentiated product compared to their peers. Their detailed analysis of performance vs. consensus expectations is invaluable in a sector of considerable earnings noise. | ND Analyst LONDON
You guys do a really good job. Even if I don’t share your opinion always, I’m always interested in it and take it as serious input into my decision making. Thanks for the really independent research, that doesn’t mince words, is refreshing and brings it to the point. | UK Analyst ZURICH
“his ego is too fecking big to fit in his Aston Martin” | SF Hedge Fund LONDON
I want to rebate some of my bonus to the DrugAnalyst team for its consistent, thoughtful work that makes my clients money… but my wife won’t let me! | HS Fund Manager BOSTON
DrugAnalyst are certainly rude, irreverent, utterly unsentimental and often wrong, but they’re the only source I use for Pharma investment for their brutally honest distillation of a lifetime’s experience of the sector. | AH Fund Manager LONDON
In their own, inimitable style, DrugAnalyst asks the questions that others won’t (shouldn’t?). Their “challenge and debate” saves us from being assimilated by the Street! | DP Fund Manager SCOTLAND
There are lots of research firms claiming to be “independent” but few actually produce research which is differentiated. DrugAnalyst is the benchmark that the others should aspire to and Peter McDougall is a modern day Eliot Ness, bringing Pharmaceutical companies to account with the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play. | BN Hedge Fund LONDON
I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t believe we pay these guys only for them to annoy me so much. I think they do it just to spoil my day. Anyway, equity research has never made me cry before, the tears just stream down my face. Am I laughing? | Shhh! Fund Manager BOSTON
DrugAnalyst – delivers the differentiated diagnosis | MB Sector Specialist LONDON